Routing Machines




GFM manufacture many types of routing machine to suit a variety of applications.



The Stack Router is capable of profiling aluminium sheets with a combined thickness of up to 12mm without the addition of lag screws or rivets. Material is conveyorized into the cutting area and automatically clamped to inexpensive plywood or cardboard and by using the patented GFM presser foot fully detagged parts can be output. 



No damage to multi-layer materials

Uniform accuracy through thickness
Time saving



The Panel Router is equipped with programmable vacuum pods which give the manufacturer the ability to hold slightly curved or flat panels firmly in place during machining.  The vacuum pods eliminate the need for hard tooling or sacrificial base materials required by some processes.  Parts are accurately positioned using a locating bar with a fixed pin and an adjustable pin.  The operator can also use the machine in a pendular two zone operation or as a large single zone.  The process is ideal for routing aluminium, composites, plastics or honeycomb sandwich materials.



Can hold curved material
No damage to cutting surface


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